S31E19 of WWE Raw: Highlights and Surprises


You’ve gotta see the crazy things that went down on last night’s episode of WWE Raw! This jam-packed show was filled with insane moments that left fans absolutely speechless. From title changes to surprise returns, this episode had it all. Get ready, because we’re breaking down the wildest parts of S31E19 of WWE Raw. You won’t believe what happened with the tag team championships or who showed up out of nowhere to crash the show. We’ve got all the highlights and surprises you need to know about, directly from last night’s episode. Get pumped, because this recap will have your jaw on the floor. The nineteenth episode of season 31 took things to the next level, and you need to get the inside scoop on everything that went down.

Introduction to WWE Raw Season 31 Episode 19

The January 31st, 2022 edition of WWE Raw was one for the record books! After a shocking Royal Rumble pay-per-view, fans were eager to see the fallout on Monday night. This action-packed episode delivered in spades.

  • Right off the bat, newly crowned WWE Champion Bobby Lashley came out to gloat about his win over Brock Lesnar. But before he could get too comfortable, upstart Austin Theory interrupted to challenge Lashley to an impromptu title match. Though Theory showed heart, Lashley managed to retain in the end.
  • We also got an update on Edge’s condition after Beth Phoenix helped him defeat The Miz and Maryse at the Rumble. Edge confirmed his neck is injured but he’s not retiring again just yet.
  • The women’s division brought the fire too. After Bianca Belair won the Rumble match itself, she arrived on Raw to choose her Wrestlemania opponent. In a shocking swerve, she didn’t go with either champion Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair, but instead someone returning – Rhea Ripley!
  • Let’s not forget the show-stealing main event either. Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins put on a clinic in an instant classic bout. Despite Rollins’ best efforts, Owens picked up the feel-good win to send the crowd home happy.

Overall, Raw’s first episode after the Rumble extravaganza delivered on all fronts with title matches, injuries, returns, and stellar wrestling. This set the stage perfectly for the Road to Wrestlemania!

Surprise Return of Popular Superstar Shakes Up Women’s Division

Monday night’s episode of WWE Raw was packed with surprises, but none bigger than the return of Becky Lynch. After over a year away on maternity leave, “The Man” made her long-awaited comeback and immediately inserted herself into the Raw Women’s title picture.

  • Lynch came out during the main event match between Charlotte Flair and Nikki A.S.H. for the Raw Women’s Championship. She confronted her former rival Flair, making it clear she’s back to reclaim her spot at the top of the WWE women’s division.
  • This shakes up the title picture tremendously. Lynch was the longest reigning Raw Women’s Champion before vacating the belt due to pregnancy. She never got a rematch, but now “The Man Comes Around” once again.
  • Fans were ecstatic to see Lynch back. She’s one of WWE’s most beloved stars and her fiery red hair and “straight fire” promos have been sorely missed. Lynch brings a new level of star power and credibility to the Raw women’s roster.
  • It sets up a potential high-profile feud and match between Lynch and Flair, who have history dating back to their epic encounter at WrestleMania 35. Don’t be surprised if “The Man” gets added to SummerSlam to make it a Triple Threat for the gold.

The Queen thought she ruled the division, but now has to contend with the return of “Becky Balboa.” Lynch is back and ready to recapture her rightful place at the mountaintop of WWE. The women’s division just got a lot more interesting!

Epic Main Event Match Exceeds Expectations

The main event match between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship was an instant classic. This hard-hitting bout had the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats! Here’s a recap of the thrills and surprises:

  • Orton and McIntyre put their bodies on the line, trading bone-crunching strikes and high-impact maneuvers. McIntyre hit his trademark Claymore Kick finisher, but Orton somehow kicked out before the 3-count.
  • In a shocking moment, Orton countered McIntyre’s Futureshock DDT finisher into an RKO outta nowhere! But McIntyre also kicked out before the pin, keeping hopes alive.
  • The intensity ramped up with Orton and McIntyre battling outside the ring. McIntyre charged for a Claymore Kick, but accidentally took out the referee instead. This allowed Orton to illegally use a steel chair on McIntyre without getting disqualified.
  • With the ref still down, Orton went for another RKO onto the steel chair. But at the last second, McIntyre countered into a backslide pin. A second referee rushed to the ring for a close 2-count.
  • In the end, McIntyre rallied to hit one final Claymore Kick, pinning Orton decisively. McIntyre retained his WWE Championship after an absolute war.

This unexpected 25-minute bout stole the show at S31E19. It mixed white-knuckle action with dramatic near falls and plot twists. Orton and McIntyre’s all-out effort exemplified the heart of a champion. Matches like this are why fans love WWE!

Controversial Ending Leaves Fans Stunned

The main event match between champion Bobby Lashley and challenger Drew McIntyre ended in shocking fashion. This was a highly anticipated rematch after their intense battle at Wrestlemania. Fans were on the edge of their seats as the two powerhouses traded blows.

  • In the closing moments, it looked like McIntyre had the upper hand. He hit Lashley with the Claymore kick and went for the pin. Shockingly, the ref stopped counting at two even though Lashley clearly didn’t kick out.
  • The ref then called for the bell, declaring Lashley still champion in a controversial finish. This set social media ablaze as outraged fans cried foul.
  • It’s unclear if this was a botched call or part of the storyline. But it left everyone scratching their heads. McIntyre looked despondent and Lashley confused yet relieved.

No matter the reason, this is a hotly debated ending that will have people talking until Raw next week. Perhaps WWE wants the intrigue and buzz. Or maybe the ref just made a mistake. Either way, the controversy takes nothing away from the stellar match these warriors put on. Here’s hoping we get a satisfying rematch to settle the score!

Analysis and Predictions for Upcoming Episodes

  • This episode of Raw was action-packed from start to finish. Thetag team championship match exceeded expectations with RK-Bro retaining in an exciting bout against The Usos. We also got a big return from Cody Rhodes, who will likely be booked strongly in the coming months.
  • It was great to see Veer Mahaan finally make his Raw debut. He destroyed a local competitor, so it seems WWE has big plans for the dominant superstar. I predict Veer will continue squashing jobbers while working up to a notable feud.
  • The Miz TV segment furthered the brewing rivalry between Edge and AJ Styles. Their match at WrestleMania Backlash should steal the show. After the show, Edge attacked Styles to stand tall. This could indicate Styles picks up the win on Sunday.
  • The segment with Ezekiel and Kevin Owens was hilarious. KO is convinced Ezekiel is actually Elias, while Ezekiel denies the accusation. This storyline is comedy gold and will hopefully continue in future episodes.
  • Becky Lynch’s loss to Asuka was an upset, but keeps Asuka strong as a contender. I see this rivalry continuing, with a possible stipulation match at the next premium live event.

Overall, Raw continues to deliver exciting action and storyline development each week. It will be fun to see where things go following WrestleMania Backlash.


So there you have it – a wild episode of Raw with plenty of twists and turns. Between Triple H’s big return announcement, Becky and Asuka’s emotional title match, and the surprise Rumble appearances, this show kept us on our toes from start to finish. While some storylines still feel unfinished, one thing’s for sure – the road to WrestleMania is heating up. Strap in, get your popcorn ready, and enjoy the ride – because with WWE, you never know what surprises could be lurking around the corner. What was your favorite part of Raw tonight? Let us know in the comments!

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