The Mightiest Lord’s Rise Begins: Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1


Ever wonder what it’s like to be the weakest member of your village? The laughingstock who can’t even beat a chicken in a fight? That’s you, my friend. You’ve spent your 16 years of life as the village idiot, the guy people come to when they need their ego boosted. But today, that all changes. When you wake up this morning, something feels different. As you go through your morning routine, you notice your muscles feel bigger, your reflexes sharper. By the time you make it outside, everything feels clearer, colors more vibrant. And then it happens—two village bullies come strolling up, looking to put you in your place like always. Only this time, you have other plans. This time, the beatdown is coming their way. This is the day you discover your true power and set out on the path to becoming the Mightiest Lord. The rise to power starts now.

Meet Xiao Feng, Our Protagonist

You first meet Xiao Feng as a scrappy 15-year-old with unruly red hair and a mischievous glint in his eye. Even from a young age, his martial soul gives him incredible speed, agility, and spiritual power. With his gift for manipulating spiritual energy, Xiao Feng is able to unleash powerful attacks and form barriers that seem to come out of nowhere.

An Orphan With Mysterious Origins

Xiao Feng is an orphan taken in as a child by the Huashan Sect, one of the reputable orthodox wulin sects. Not much is known about Xiao Feng’s origins, though his peerless talent and shocking red hair seem to hint at a mysterious background. Some speculate Xiao Feng may have noble lineage or ties to powerful ancient sects.

Xiao Feng was born with the extremely rare spiritual control-type martial soul, the Maze Pearl. Spiritual masters like Xiao Feng are able to sense, gather, and maneuver spiritual energy in ways that give them tremendous advantages in battle. The Maze Pearl allows Xiao Feng to set up complex mazes and traps using spiritual power that confuse and restrain his opponents.

A Rebellious Streak

Despite his gifts, Xiao Feng’s rebellious nature often gets him into trouble. He frequently skips his lessons to goof off and pulls pranks on his martial uncles and fellow disciples. The elders of Huashan Sect see great potential in Xiao Feng but worry whether he will ever become serious enough to fulfill his destiny as a master of the wulin. Still, Xiao Feng’s kind heart, quick wit, and sense of justice make him an endearing hero. His adventures are sure to be exciting, and with some maturity, Xiao Feng may just become the mightiest lord of all.

Xiao Feng’s Humble Beginnings

You know the name Xiao Feng well now, but his rise to become China’s richest man began from humble beginnings.

Born in 1964 in a small village in Anhui province, Xiao Feng grew up in poverty. His family struggled to put food on the table. At age 14, he moved to Beijing on his own to attend high school, living in a tiny rented room.

Xiao Feng was accepted into the prestigious Peking University, where he studied finance. While there in 1989, he became the leader of the official student union, gaining valuable leadership experience that would benefit him in the business world.

After graduating, Xiao Feng took an entry-level job at a state-owned bank. He swiftly moved up the ranks, impressing executives with his work ethic, intelligence and charisma. By age 32, he was the youngest vice president in the bank’s history.

The Deal That Started It All

In 1999, Xiao Feng led his first major acquisition, merging two mid-sized banks. The deal was a massive success and catapulted Xiao Feng into the spotlight. He left soon after to start his own private equity fund, Primus Capital.

Through shrewd investing and a series of high-profile mergers and acquisitions, Xiao Feng accumulated enormous wealth. Primus Capital grew into a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate, focusing on finance, technology, and renewable energy.

Despite his vast fortune and success, Xiao Feng has stayed grounded. He’s known for his humility, philanthropy and mentorship of young entrepreneurs. His childhood struggles gave him perseverance and insight into overcoming adversity that he now passes onto others.

From humble beginnings to titan of industry, Xiao Feng’s rise to the top is a story of determination, vision and triumph against all odds. His journey is an inspiration, showing what one person can achieve through hard work and grit.

The Mysterious Black Book

The mysterious Black Book holds untold secrets about the Holocaust that could reshape how we understand this pivotal moment in history.

A Hidden Trove of Forbidden Knowledge

Locked away for decades, the Black Book recently came to light, containing hundreds of first-hand accounts from Holocaust survivors. These gripping stories provide chilling details about life inside Nazi concentration camps that contradict the official historical record. For years, the public only knew the sanitized version of events promoted by political leaders. Now the uncensored truth can finally be told.

What makes this book so dangerous is its raw, unflinching portrayal of the systemic cruelty and dehumanization that defined the camps. Prisoners were subjected to forced labor, torture, starvation, and summary execution. Eyewitnesses describe the mass incineration of those deemed unfit for work in the crematoriums, the piles of corpses left to rot in crowded barracks, and the horrific medical experiments performed on children.

A Glimpse Into Forbidden Territory

The Black Book allows readers to bear witness to the depths of human depravity and the immense suffering of millions. Yet within its pages are also tales of resistance, sacrifice, and fleeting moments of humanity. Though the accounts are often graphic, everyone should read this seminal work to fully grasp the evils of which humankind is capable when hatred is allowed to spread unchecked.

By shedding light on a history that mainstream society would rather forget, the Black Book ensures these voices from the past will never be silenced. Despite efforts to conceal the truth, it persevered and now stands as a monument to the indomitable human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity. This long-hidden trove of forbidden knowledge must be shared so that nothing like it ever happens again.

Unlocking the First Seal

Unlocking seals in Record of the Mightiest Lord provides valuable rewards and progresses you further in the game. The first seal, the Seal of Growth, is easy to unlock and only requires 10 Reusable Parts.

Obtaining Reusable Parts

Reusable Parts are common materials you’ll collect as you play through the early stages. You’ll receive some after completing quests and missions, and can also get them from dismantling unused equipment and other items. Check your inventory and dismantle anything you do not need to gather the 10 Reusable Parts for the first seal.

Unlocking the Seal of Growth

Once you have the necessary Reusable Parts, head to the Altar of Rites. This is where you’ll unlock seals and access their rewards.

  1. Tap on the Seal of Growth in the altar. This will bring up the seal information and unlock requirements.
  2. Tap ‘Sacrifice’ and select the 10 Reusable Parts from your inventory.
  3. The Seal of Growth will now unlock, granting you an XP boost for 12 hours as a reward.

Using the Reward

The XP boost from the Seal of Growth will increase the experience points you gain from quests, missions and combat for the next 12 hours. Take advantage of this boost to level up your character and skills more quickly. Focus on completing quests and missions during this time period to maximize the effect.

The Seal of Growth is just the first of many seals you can unlock in the Altar of Rites. Each subsequent seal requires higher quality and larger amounts of materials to unlock, but also provides greater rewards. Keep collecting materials as you play to unlock more seals and claim their rewards.

With the XP boost from the initial seal, you’ll gain levels fast and be ready to unlock the next seal in no time! Keep up the grind to become the mightiest lord.

Xiao Feng’s Incredible Transformation

Xiao Feng was just an ordinary 15-year-old girl living in poverty with her family in Heishan county. Her life changed forever when she stumbled upon an ancient tomb housing a mysterious artifact. Upon touching the artifact, Xiao Feng was endowed with incredible powers and abilities.

Ancient Artifact’s Gifts

The ancient artifact gifted Xiao Feng with powers like super strength, speed, agility and intelligence. She could lift boulders, run faster than the wind, perform acrobatic feats with ease, and her mind became a sponge for knowledge.

Training Begins

With her newfound powers, Xiao Feng’s rise to mightiness started. She began intensive training in various martial arts and combat techniques, mastering them rapidly thanks to her superhuman abilities. Her mind and body became powerful weapons.

Helping the Helpless

Xiao Feng used her mighty powers and skills to help the helpless people of Heishan county. She stopped criminals, defeated beasts terrorizing villagers, and brought justice where there was none. The common folk began to see her as a hero and protector.

Catching the Emperor’s Eye

News of Xiao Feng’s deeds and might spread throughout the kingdom, eventually reaching the ears of the Emperor. Summoned to the imperial court, Xiao Feng’s powers and skills deeply impressed the Emperor. He recognized her potential and took her under his wing, providing resources and guidance to further cultivate her might.

The Mightiest Lord

Under the Emperor’s tutelage, Xiao Feng’s powers and abilities grew exponentially. She became the most mighty warrior in the kingdom, defending its borders from enemies and slaying demons. The Emperor bestowed upon her the title of “Mightiest Lord” – a title she would live up to time and again.

Xiao Feng’s chance encounter with the ancient artifact set her on a path to become the mightiest hero and protector of the kingdom. Her incredible transformation from ordinary girl to Mightiest Lord has only just begun.


So there you have it, the first chapter of The Mightiest Lord’s Rise Begins. Looks like you’re in for an epic power fantasy adventure filled with magic, politics, betrayals and battles. Our protagonist Lin Feng seems destined for greatness with his mysterious background, innate talents and thirst for cultivation. His journey is sure to be filled with challenges and setbacks as he navigates the cutthroat world of the Divine Phoenix Empire. But if anyone can rise from nothing to stand at the peak of this world, it’s Lin Feng. Strap in, because his legend is only just beginning. The rise of the mightiest lord is upon us!

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