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So you’ve got a guy you’re into, but he’s just not that into you – at least not yet. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The good news is, there are a few tricks you can try to make him jealous and get his attention once and for all. After all, what guy doesn’t want what he can’t have? The key is subtlety. You don’t want to make it totally obvious you’re trying to make him jealous or you’ll just end up looking desperate.

Understanding Spencer Bradley’s Make Him Jealous Program

Spencer Bradley’s “Make Him Jealous” program focuses on subtle techniques to spark your partner’s interest by making them value your time and affection. The key is striking a balance – you want to be social and busy enough to intrigue them, but not cross the line into hurtful or deceptive behavior.

Some of Spencer Bradley’s recommended techniques include:

  • Mentioning exciting plans or secrets without revealing all the details. Keep things a bit mysterious. For example, say you have “big plans this weekend” but don’t disclose everything upfront. This creates curiosity and a fear of missing out.
  • Occasional unavailability or disappearances from texts and calls. Don’t constantly be at their beck and call. Politely let them know you have other commitments and will respond when you’re free. This signals you have a life outside of the relationship and won’t drop everything for them.
  • Flirting mildly with others in their presence. Laugh, smile, and make casual conversation with attractive people around you. Subtle, harmless flirting shows you’re desirable and confident. But avoid overdoing it or crossing lines.

Finding the balance

The key to Spencer Bradley’s methods is moderation and good judgment. You want to spark jealousy, not damage trust or cause real hurt. Maintain open communication, express your genuine interest and affection, and avoid manipulative behavior. With the right balance, these techniques can ignite passion and bring you closer together. But if taken too far, they may do more harm than good.

How the Make Him Jealous System Works

Spencer Bradley’s system for making him jealous is simple but effective. It involves following a few key steps to spark renewed interest and passion in your relationship.

How It Works

The first step is to start focusing on yourself. Get busy living your own life by picking up a hobby, joining a club, volunteering, whatever interests you. The less available you seem, the more he’ll desire your time and attention.

Next, start flirting with other guys when you’re together. Smile, laugh, playfully touch a guy’s arm. Your man will notice other men’s interest in you and want to stake his claim. Just be sure not to take it too far, or you’ll end up hurting him and damaging your relationship.

Another tactic is to mention another guy who has asked you out or shown interest in you. Casually drop into conversation that someone at your new club or activity expressed interest in going out. Your guy will feel threatened by the competition and work to win you over again.

Finally, start making plans to do your own thing instead of always being available when he calls. Tell him you have other plans already when he asks you out. Making him work a bit for your time and seeing you’re in demand will make him appreciate you more.

The key with the Make Him Jealous system is using these techniques strategically and with caution. Done right, provoking his jealousy in these subtle ways can reignite passion and make him fall for you all over again. But be careful not to push him away by taking things too far. With some restraint, you’ll have him chasing you again in no time!

Techniques to Make Your Ex Jealous Using Spencer Bradley’s Advice

According to Spencer Bradley, making your ex jealous involves some tried-and-true techniques. By activating their competitive instincts, you can make them regret letting you go and reawaken their desire.

Dress to Impress

Start going out more and dressing in a way that makes you feel confident and attractive. Upload some photos to social media showing off your best look. Your ex will see what they’re missing out on! This is a subtle way to grab their attention and spark their interest again.

Surprise Outings

Post about fun activities, hobbies, and adventures on social media. Go to concerts, try new restaurants, pick up a hobby you’ve always wanted to explore. Living an exciting, fulfilling life will make your ex realize you’ve moved on, and they’ll wish they were part of it.

Show Interest in Others

While you’re out enjoying your newfound independence, don’t be afraid to flirt and show interest in other romantic prospects. Let your ex see you interacting with attractive new people – whether in person or by posting on social media. Making them believe you’ve found someone new is one of the most effective ways to activate their jealousy and regret.

The key is not to overdo it. Subtlety and mystery are most effective. Don’t constantly post or send updates to your ex about all the fun you’re having or all the dates you’ve been on. Allow them to wonder and make their own assumptions. Their imagination will do the work for you!

With the right balance of confidence, independence, and mystery, you can successfully make your ex jealous and have them crawling back in no time. Spencer Bradley’s techniques are tried-and-true for awakening desire and making your ex regret ever letting you go.

Real Life Success Stories of Women Who Used Make Him Jealous

We all love a good success story, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. The techniques in Spencer Bradley’s program have worked for real women in getting their exes jealous and wanting them back. Here are a couple of their stories:

Amy’s Story

Amy had been with her boyfriend Mark for over a year when he suddenly broke up with her out of the blue. Amy was heartbroken and wanted Mark back. She started going out with friends, posting fun photos on social media, and generally appearing happier without Mark. When they ran into each other a couple of weeks later, Mark was shocked at how well Amy seemed to be doing. He started texting her and even asked her out for coffee. Amy played it cool, and before she knew it, Mark was asking her to give the relationship another chance. Amy’s newfound confidence and busier social life made Mark realize what he was missing.

Jenny’s Story

Jenny’s ex Thomas dumped her for someone else, leaving her devastated. Following the advice in Spencer Bradley’s program, Jenny began focusing on herself by pursuing new hobbies, reconnecting with old friends, and sharing updates on social media. When Thomas saw photos of Jenny out with male friends, he started getting jealous. He began making excuses to contact Jenny and see how she was doing. After a few weeks, Thomas admitted breaking up with Jenny was a mistake and asked if she’d consider getting back together. By appearing happy and active without Thomas, Jenny had stirred up feelings of jealousy and regret in her ex.

The techniques in Spencer Bradley’s “Make Him Jealous” program are tried and true. When real women have applied them, their exes have come crawling back, realizing that the best thing they had was right in front of them the whole time. The jealousy and competition these women inspired made their exes recognize the error of their ways and want another shot at love.

FAQ About Spencer Bradley’s Make Him Jealous Program

You probably have a few questions about Spencer Bradley’s Make Him Jealous program. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers:

How does the program work?

The Make Him Jealous program provides tips and techniques to spark a bit of jealousy in your ex without going overboard. Mild jealousy can be healthy in relationships and help reconnect exes. The program focuses on improving your confidence and self-esteem to attract your ex’s attention in a natural way.

Is making him jealous risky?

While mild jealousy in moderation can be effective, taking things too far can seriously damage your relationship and cause distrust. The Make Him Jealous program helps you strike a balance through subtle techniques like:

-Posting upbeat social media updates focusing on new hobbies and social activities. This shows you’re happy and confident without direct mentions of dating other people.

-Running into him casually at places you both frequent. Strike up a quick, lighthearted conversation, then continue on your way. This plants the seed that you have an active social life of your own.

-Dressing in flattering outfits when you know you might see him. Looking your best boosts your own confidence and grabs his attention in a natural way.

Will this program work for any relationship?

The Make Him Jealous program can be effective for rekindling relationships that ended on good terms where there are still feelings on both sides. However, if your relationship involved abuse, manipulation or ended very badly, this program may do more harm than good. The techniques are meant for mildly and temporarily sparking jealousy—they will not fix deep-rooted relationship issues.

What results can I expect?

There are no guarantees, but many women have successfully used Spencer Bradley’s program to reconnect with an ex. At a minimum, you can expect to feel more confident and attractive, which will benefit you whether or not you get back together. The ideal result is that your ex realizes what he’s missing, reaches out to you, and you’re able to start rebuilding your relationship from there. But you have to be willing to walk away if he does not come around.


So there you have it. Making your ex jealous can be tempting, but the healthiest thing you can do is accept the breakup and start moving on. Focus on yourself – reconnect with friends, pick up a hobby, hit the gym. In time, the painful intensity of the breakup will fade, and you’ll start to feel like yourself again. And when you least expect it, you might just meet someone new who makes you realize your ex wasn’t the right one after all. The best revenge is living well and being happy. Don’t waste time scheming to make him jealous – you’ve got way better things to do with your life!

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