Satsudo Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Adventure


Hey, you. Yeah, you. The one reading this on your phone during your commute or over breakfast. I’ve got an adventure to share, and you’re invited. Ever feel stuck in a rut, like life has become a repetitive cycle of work, chores, and sleep? Me too. That’s why I decided to shake things up and go on an adventure. Not just any adventure, but a real one – exploring the wilderness, challenging myself physically, and getting way outside my comfort zone. This series of stories will take you along for the ride as I backpack through the mountains, navigate raging rivers, and discover what I’m really made of. No fancy gear or experience required for you – just an open mind and a thirst for escaping the ordinary. The adventure starts now. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Summary of Satsudo Chapter 1

The first chapter of Satsudo introduces Akamori Rokuo, an ordinary salaryman with an extraordinary secret – he comes from a family of assassins. Despite his lineage, Rokuo wants nothing more than to live a normal life. However, trouble seems to follow him.

On his way home from work one night, Rokuo encounters members of the Yakuza criminal organization harassing a young man named Liam. Although Rokuo tries to avoid confrontation, Liam provokes the thugs into attacking them. Rokuo has no choice but to unleash his lethal skills to defend himself and Liam.

After the brawl, Liam begs Rokuo to teach him how to fight. Rokuo refuses, not wanting to pass on his family’s deadly techniques. But when Liam is kidnapped by a martial arts master seeking revenge, Rokuo must come to the rescue.

Rokuo infiltrates the compound where Liam is being held captive. He systematically takes down the skilled fighters guarding the premises until he finds Liam bruised and beaten. Just as the martial arts master is about to deliver a killing blow, Rokuo bursts in and battles the villain. Though injured, Rokuo ultimately triumphs and rescues Liam.

Despite the dangers, Liam remains determined to become Rokuo’s student. Recognizing Liam’s resolve and spirit, Rokuo agrees to teach him – but only if Liam promises to use his skills to help others. And so begins the adventure of the salaryman assassin and his protege.

Introducing the Main Characters

When we first meet Akamori Rokuo, he seems like an ordinary teenager about to graduate high school. However, Rokuo was born into a family of genius murderers and trained from an early age to follow in their deadly footsteps.

Rokuo, the Reluctant Protagonist

Although a natural at killing, Rokuo dreams of living a normal life as a salaryman. He doesn’t want to hurt others and hates the thought of murder. Rokuo is a complex and layered character caught between his innate talent and personal desires.

His neighbor Akari discovers Rokuo’s secret abilities but promises to keep it confidential. Akari is a mysterious yet pivotal character in the story. Her connection with Rokuo makes his internal struggle all the more poignant. Will Rokuo give in to his family’s wishes or forge his own path?

The Secret Revealed

In a shocking turn of events, Rokuo learns the truth about his family and their sinister motivations. They have been manipulating Rokuo his whole life to carry on their murderous legacy. Faced with this harsh reality, Rokuo must make an impossible choice: embrace the monster within or run from the only life he’s ever known.

Satsudo Chapter 1 does a masterful job of introducing the main characters and foreshadowing the dark secrets at the heart of the story. Rokuo and Akari are complex, multidimensional characters that draw the reader in, making us care about their journey and ultimate fate. The chapter leaves us on the edge of our seats, hungry to discover what happens next!

The World Building in Chapter 1

The world within Satsudo Chapter 1 is filled with intricacies that slowly unfold as you read. This high fantasy realm is inspired by aspects of feudal Japan but includes fantastical elements and mythology of its own.

  • The story is set in a sprawling empire with many provinces, each with unique geography, culture, and history. As the characters journey across the land, more details about the provinces and their backstories are revealed through environmental storytelling and character interactions.
  • Mythical creatures like shape-shifting kitsune, revered dragons, and mischievous tanuki inhabit the land. Magical abilities and alchemy also exist in this world, used by some characters to aid or manipulate others.
  • A complex societal hierarchy and political system are in place, with positions like daimyos, samurai, and shoguns holding power over citizens. Strict codes of honor and etiquette, especially surrounding loyalty and obedience, create conflict and drive the characters’ motivations.
  • Themes of love, friendship, morality and coming of age in a time of war are explored through the protagonist Saori’s journey. As an orphaned peasant girl with mysterious magical talents, she struggles to find her place in the world and follow her destiny.

The first chapter does an excellent job of transporting you to this fantastical yet familiar world. It lays the groundwork for an exciting adventure and coming-of-age story, all while keeping you guessing about the mysteries and intrigues yet to unfold. The world building in Satsudo Chapter 1 is meticulous and masterful, leaving you eager to explore more of this realm and watch Saori come into her own.

Key Events That Happen in Chapter 1

The first chapter of Satsudo introduces you to the main character, Akamori Rokuo, and hints at the thrilling adventure ahead.

Akamori’s Ordinary Life

Despite being born into an ancient family of assassins, Akamori just wants an ordinary life as a salaryman. However, his innate genius for killing makes this impossible. Akamori faces constant challenges from fighters, gangs, and yakuza who want to prove themselves against him.

The Call to Adventure

While walking home from his job at a tech company, Akamori saves a woman named Aika from a group of thugs. Aika turns out to be the granddaughter of a legendary assassin who was friends with Akamori’s grandfather. She begs Akamori to help her avenge her grandfather’s death at the hands of a mysterious enemy.

Refusing the Call

Akamori refuses Aika’s request, wanting only to live a normal life free of violence. However, after Aika is kidnapped by the same enemy who killed her grandfather, Akamori’s sense of honor compels him to save her.

Crossing the Threshold

Akamori tracks Aika’s kidnappers to an abandoned warehouse, defeating waves of henchmen with his extraordinary combat skills. At the end of the chapter, Akamori comes face to face with the kidnapper: a sinister man named Kuro who was once Akamori’s grandfather’s star pupil. Their confrontation signifies Akamori crossing the threshold into a new world of danger and adventure.

The first chapter of Satsudo sets the stage for an epic journey. Though Akamori desires an ordinary life, his destiny as a genius assassin and his sense of honor propel him into a quest for vengeance filled with twists and turns. The chapter ends with a cliffhanger, leaving you eager to see what happens next in Akamori’s adventure.

Predictions for the Next Chapter

Based on the events and characters introduced in Chapter 1, there are some predictions we can make for what might happen in the next installment of the story.

The Conflict Will Intensify

With the Japanese invasion looming, it seems likely that conflict in Okinawa will escalate in the coming chapters. The main characters may face difficult decisions about how to respond to the foreign threat, perhaps even taking up arms to defend their home. There could also be internal power struggles as different groups vie for control during this unstable time.

New Characters Will Emerge

Additional characters, both allies and adversaries, will probably appear in the next chapter. Potential friends could provide aid and guidance to the main characters. However, new foes may also emerge with competing interests that threaten our heroes. The author may introduce complex, multi-dimensional characters that challenge our assumptions.

Romantic Tensions Will Build

Stories often use periods of conflict and upheaval as a backdrop for blossoming romance. We may see the stirrings of love and affection between certain characters, even as dangers surround them. These tender moments provide contrast to the overall tone of suspense and uncertainty. Will love win out against all odds?

Hard Choices Must Be Made

When faced with invasion and war, characters frequently have to make difficult decisions that test their morals and values. Our heroes may grapple with complex dilemmas where there are no easy or obvious solutions. They may have to choose between fight or flight, duty or love, vengeance or mercy. How they navigate these hard choices will shape their character development.

In summary, the next installment of Satsudo seems poised to turn up the tension and conflict while also introducing new characters and relationships. How the main characters face difficult decisions and moral struggles will determine the direction of the story. The plot promises to remain action-packed, keeping readers on the edge of their seats wondering what might happen next in this thrilling adventure!


So there you have it, the first chapter of what is shaping up to be an epic adventure.You’ve been introduced to the main characters and the quest has been set – to find the five ancient relics of Satsudo in order to save the kingdom. There are sure to be dangerous enemies, fantastical creatures, and treacherous landscapes ahead. But with courage, teamwork and a little bit of luck, our heroes just might prevail. The journey is just beginning, but one thing is for sure – it’s going to be a wild ride. Stay tuned for the next installment of the adventure! Things are about to get interesting.

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