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So you’re thinking of visiting Ilikecomox, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This charming coastal town on Vancouver Island has everything you need for a perfect little getaway. Picture yourself strolling along the beach as the sun sets over the water, enjoying fresh seafood at a cozy waterfront restaurant, or hiking through lush rainforests to hidden waterfalls. Ilikecomox is one of those places that just makes you feel good.

In this guide, we’ll give you the lowdown on where to stay, what to eat, and all the must-see spots so you can make the most of your visit. By the end of this, you’ll be so in love with Ilikecomox you’ll start looking at real estate listings. Just kidding…kind of. Seriously though, this town is pretty magical. Get ready to fall head over heels for the natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and laid-back vibe of wonderful Ilikecomox. Your coastal paradise awaits!

What Is Ilikecomox?

Ilikecomox is a popular website and mobile app used to discover and share recommendations about the best local businesses, events and hidden gems in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Whether you’re looking for a great restaurant, an exciting new hobby, the perfect beach or a fun night out, Ilikecomox has got you covered.

Locals love Ilikecomox because it’s a quick and easy way to find new favorite spots and share them with friends. You can browse recommendations from people with similar tastes, check out reviews, photos and ratings to discover places you never knew existed right in your own backyard.

  • Restaurants: Find everything from food trucks and cafes to fine dining. Ilikecomox covers all types of cuisine so you’re sure to find something tasty.
  • Nightlife: Looking to go out for drinks or catch some live music? Browse bars, pubs, lounges and entertainment venues.
  • Shopping: Discover clothing boutiques, home decor stores, book shops and more. Whether you want to shop local or find big name brands, Ilikecomox has recommendations for stores you’ll love.
  • Outdoors: Explore beaches, hiking and biking trails, golf courses and recreational activities. Get outside and experience the natural beauty of the Comox Valley.

Ilikecomox takes the guesswork out of experiencing all the Comox Valley has to offer. Check it out and start discovering your new favorite places today. You’ll be glad you did!

The History of Ilikecomox

The history of Ilikecomox goes back to the early 2000s. Two university roommates, Tom and Jerry, came up with the idea for an online community focused on discovering and sharing the coolest new music. They built the first version of the Ilikecomox website in Tom’s garage during their summer break.

After graduating, Tom and Jerry moved to Silicon Valley and raised money from investors to turn their side project into a startup. In 2004, they officially launched Ilikecomox.com. The site started as a way for people to follow their favorite indie bands, get alerts about new songs and albums, and connect with other fans.

The Rise of Social Music Discovery

Around 2007, Ilikecomox pivoted to focus on social music discovery. They introduced features like friend feeds, music sharing, and personalized recommendations based on what your friends were listening to. This new social approach helped Ilikecomox take off.

By 2010, Ilikecomox had over 50 million users and partnerships with all the major record labels. The company also started working directly with up-and-coming musicians, providing them tools to promote their music, connect with fans and even sell tickets.

Today, Ilikecomox has become the world’s largest music discovery platform. While the core experience remains centered around following friends and staying on the pulse of new releases, Ilikecomox now offers live streaming concerts, podcasts, and original video content as well. More than ever, Ilikecomox is fulfilling its mission to help people find and share amazing new music.

Top Things to Do in Comox Recommended by Ilikecomox

Comox is a beautiful town on Vancouver Island with lots to see and do. Here are some of the top recommendations from Ilikecomox:

Visit the Air Force Museum

This museum is dedicated to the history of Canadian Forces Base Comox. It has vintage aircraft, historic photographs, and artifacts on display. Admission to the museum is always free, and it’s open year-round.

Check Out the Filberg Festival

This popular summer festival features local artisans, live music, delicious food, and family activities. It’s held annually in August at the Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park. Walk around the beautiful gardens, shop from local vendors, and enjoy the sunshine!

Go Whale Watching or Kayaking

Comox is situated along the Strait of Georgia, making it an ideal spot for ocean activities. You can spot whales, seals, and birds while on a whale watching tour. Or rent kayaks to paddle around the bay and beaches. Several tour companies operate in the area, offering trips from May through October.

Hike Mount Washington

For outdoor enthusiasts, hiking up Mount Washington is a must. There are trails for all skill levels, ranging from easy nature walks to challenging mountain climbs. At the top, you’ll find stunning views, alpine meadows, and Mount Washington Resort. The resort area is open year-round with activities like skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, and disk golf.

Check Out the Saturday Market

On Saturdays from May to October, head to the Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds for the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market. You’ll find local produce, artisanal crafts, baking, and live music. It’s a great place to shop for high quality, locally made goods while supporting community members.

The opportunities for adventure and exploring are endless in Comox. Whether you want to experience the culture, get outside, or just relax, Comox has something for everyone.

Ilikecomox’s Guide to the Best Restaurants in Comox

Comox has some amazing restaurants with fresh ingredients and stunning views. Here are Ilikecomox’s top picks for the best places to eat in Comox.

The Beach Club Resort

This upscale resort restaurant offers fine West Coast dining with panoramic views of the Georgia Strait. They source the freshest local seafood and produce. For dinner, try the seafood chowder, fish and chips made with cod caught that day, or the roasted duck. At lunch, their fish tacos and burger are also popular. They have an extensive wine list with many British Columbia wines. It’s a bit pricey, but worth it for a special occasion.

Atlas Cafe

This hip cafe on the main street of Comox is a local favorite for brunch, lunch and coffee. They offer healthy, homemade fare with lots of gluten-free, vegan and paleo options. Some standouts are the breakfast burrito, veggie scramble and turkey chili. They also have fresh-pressed juices, smoothies and a great selection of organic coffees and teas. The atmosphere is laid-back and eclectic. They frequently host live music events and art shows.

Toscanos Trattoria

For delicious homemade Italian cuisine, Toscanos is a top choice. They make all their pasta, sauces and desserts from scratch using imported Italian ingredients. Start your meal with bruschetta or calamari, then dive into dishes like mushroom risotto, penne puttanesca or chicken parmesan. Save room for tiramisu or panna cotta for dessert. They have a cozy dining room as well as patio seating in summer. The service is friendly and the portions are generous.

Sushi Yu Japanese Restaurant

In the mood for sushi? This popular Japanese restaurant offers innovative sushi rolls, sashimi, tempura and more. Some unique creations are the volcano roll with spicy tuna and avocado and the BC roll with fresh salmon, crab and avocado. They also have a variety of bento boxes, udon soups and teriyaki dishes. The minimalist dining room has a sushi bar where you can watch the chefs in action. They frequently run specials on certain days of the week. A perfect spot for a casual, affordable meal.

How to Get Involved With the Ilikecomox Community

The Ilikecomox community is active and always looking for new members and contributors. There are many ways to get involved, meet like-minded people, and make an impact.

Join the Facebook Group

The Ilikecomox Facebook group is an easy way to connect with thousands of locals who share your interests. Post questions, share photos, promote events, and join discussions. The group has a casual, friendly vibe and the moderators work hard to keep it that way.

Attend or Organize an Event

Ilikecomox organizes events throughout the year like beach cleanups, meetups at local businesses, movie nights, and more. Check the Facebook group for announcements and attend an upcoming event. If you have an idea for an event, post it in the group to gage interest and find co-organizers. The Ilikecomox team is happy to provide guidance for organizing successful, community-building events.

Write for the Blog

Do you have in-depth knowledge about a local topic like hiking trails, restaurants, or activities? Consider writing a blog post to share with readers. Ilikecomox accepts guest blog submissions from community members. Blog posts should be 400 to 800 words, optimized for search engines, and include photos. Email your draft to [email protected] for review and inclusion on the blog.

Become an Ambassador

Ilikecomox Ambassadors are highly engaged community members who help organize events, promote local businesses, and spread the word about all the great things in Comox. Ambassadors meet monthly to collaborate and further the mission of building community. If you’re interested in an Ambassador role, fill out the application on the Ilikecomox website and you’ll be contacted for next steps.

There are many ways to immerse yourself in the Ilikecomox community, from simple actions like joining the Facebook group to more involved roles as an event organizer or Ambassador. Every contribution makes a difference in bringing locals together and strengthening the community. What will you do to get involved?


You’ve made it to the end of this whirlwind tour of all things ilikecomox. By now you should feel like an expert and ready to dive into this scenic Vancouver Island destination. From the stunning natural surroundings to the charming towns and cozy cabins, ilikecomox offers a perfect escape for anyone looking to unwind and reconnect with nature. The outdoor adventures are endless, the food is delicious, and the pace of life slows down just enough to make you forget about your everyday worries. Whether you’re planning a quick weekend getaway or an extended summer vacation, ilikecomox has everything you need for a memorable trip. Now get out there and experience this special place for yourself! The mountains, beaches and vibrant communities of ilikecomox await your discovery. Enjoy!

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