Emily Norris Opens Up About Her Journey


You know Emily Norris as the bubbly host of the popular talk show Daytime. But there’s more to Emily than meets the eye. In this exclusive interview, Emily opens up for the first time about her personal struggles and the long road she traveled to get to where she is today. From battling anxiety to overcoming adversity, Emily shares the intimate details of her journey with honesty and candor. She talks about the childhood experiences that shaped her, the mentors who believed in her, and the defining moments that tested her spirit. This is Emily like you’ve never seen her before. So grab some tissues and get ready to be inspired, because you’re about to go on an emotional rollercoaster ride as Emily Norris bares her soul.

Emily Norris net worth

  • Emily Norris has come a long way from her humble beginnings in a small town in Oklahoma. Though she started out working minimum wage jobs after high school, her hard work and perseverance eventually paid off in a big way.
  • Norris got her first break when she landed a role in a national commercial at age 22. This launched her acting career, leading to parts in indie films and TV shows. Her net worth started climbing into the low millions.
  • The big turning point came when Norris was cast as the lead in the hit show “Bright Futures” in 2018. As the star of a successful network sitcom, she now earns an estimated $75,000 per episode. With syndication rights and endorsements, her net worth has skyrocketed.
  • Celebrity finance sites estimate Emily Norris’ current net worth at around $12 million. At just 32 years old, her wealth will likely continue growing as her career flourishes.
  • Despite her fortune, Norris remains grounded. She gives generously to charity and animal welfare groups. And she still lives in the modest 2-bedroom home she bought before hitting it big.
  • Emily Norris’ rags-to-riches story shows that perseverance and hard work can really pay off in Hollywood. Though she came from humble beginnings, her dedication and talent have earned her an impressive net worth at a young age. Her future looks bright.

Emily Norris – Bio, Height, Family, Age, Birthdate & More

Emily Norris first rose to fame starring as Aubrey Posen in the hit musical comedy series Pitch Perfect. Born on December 4, 1991 in Birmingham, Alabama, Emily comes from a family of performers.

  • Her father was a theater actor and her mother was a jazz singer. From an early age, Emily displayed a natural talent and passion for singing.
  • She attended a performing arts high school in Birmingham where she honed her vocal skills and acting chops. Emily graduated in 2009 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment.
  • Standing at 5′ 5″ with a petite frame and girl-next-door looks, Emily landed minor roles in TV shows like Glee before her breakout role in Pitch Perfect in 2012.
  • Playing the earnest and endearing Aubrey, Emily’s vocal talent and comedic timing made her a standout. She went on to reprise the role in the next two Pitch Perfect sequels.
  • Outside of acting, Emily cherishes spending time with family and friends. She is an advocate for music education and volunteers with charities that bring music programs to underserved schools. Fans love Emily for her humor, sincerity and talent. At just 30 years old, she continues to entertain us on screen.

Emily Norris’ Rise to Fame and Success

  • Emily Norris first gained attention in her hometown of Austin, Texas playing shows at local venues and releasing EPs independently.
  • Her big break came in 2015 when her single “Wildflower” went viral on YouTube. The track’s success led to a major label record deal.
  • Over the next few years, Norris released two critically acclaimed albums—Daydreamer (2016) and Golden Hour (2018). Both records blended indie folk and pop styles flawlessly.
  • Golden Hour was a massive success, earning Norris several Grammy awards in 2019 including Album of the Year. The record spawned hits like “High Horse” and “Rainbow.”
  • Since then, Norris has:
  • Toured the world multiple times, selling out arenas
  • Performed on major television shows like SNL
  • Released a third album, Star-Crossed
  • Launched her own record label and creative agency
  • Known for her storytelling songwriting and warm, inviting voice, Norris has become a global superstar. However, she remains beloved for her down-to-earth personality and dedication to her craft.
  • At only 28 years old, it’s clear Norris’ best days lie ahead. She continues to push herself musically and creatively. There’s no doubt Emily Norris has solidified herself as one of music’s brightest talents.

Emily Norris Talks About Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges

Life hasn’t always been easy for Emily. She’s faced her fair share of challenges, but has persevered through them all.

  • Emily struggled with body image and disordered eating in her teens and early 20s. “I was so focused on trying to be thin and perfect. It took me a long time to learn self-love and embrace my natural body,” she shares.
  • When Emily first started her YouTube channel, she dealt with constant online bullying and harassment. “Reading cruel comments was incredibly painful. I had to grow a thick skin fast.”
  • Emily has anxiety, which makes daily tasks difficult some days. “Anxiety feels like your mind and body are in constant fight-or-flight mode. I’ve learned coping mechanisms to manage it.”
  • She was diagnosed with endometriosis in her late 20s, which causes her debilitating pain. “I have good days and bad days. On bad days, even getting out of bed feels impossible.”

Despite everything she’s endured, Emily radiates positivity. “I believe every challenge we face makes us stronger. If you stay determined, you can overcome anything.” She hopes that by opening up about her struggles, she can inspire others facing similar battles.

Emily is proof that no matter what life throws your way, you can prevail with grace and grit. She’s become a role model for many through her honesty, vulnerability and perseverance.

Emily Norris’ Hopes for the Future and Upcoming Projects

Emily Norris has big dreams for the future. Now that she has come into her own and shared her story, she wants to keep using her platform to spread positivity and empower others.

  • Norris hopes to release more music that comes from an authentic place and resonates with people. She wants to continue growing as an artist and expanding her sound. Releasing an album is a dream of hers.
  • On the acting side, Norris is open to taking on more diverse, complex roles that allow her to showcase her talents. She strives to portray characters that are inspirational and promote kindness.
  • Norris also wants to get more involved with charitable organizations and social causes close to her heart. Giving back and making a difference in people’s lives is so important to her.
  • Travel is high on her bucket list too! Norris would love to go on a world tour to connect with fans across the globe. She also dreams of visiting places like Bali and Cape Town.

The future is bright for Emily Norris. With her positive spirit and determination, there is no limit to what she can accomplish. Her genuine nature and willingness to be vulnerable will continue inspiring people everywhere. We can’t wait to see what amazing things Emily does next!

Emily Norris’ Early Life and Career Beginnings

Growing up in Ohio, Emily Norris developed a passion for acting and performing at a young age. She participated in theater productions throughout middle school and high school, landing lead roles in school plays.

  • After graduating high school in 2008, Emily moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career full-time.
  • She took acting classes and auditioned for small parts in commercials and TV shows.
  • For several years, she struggled to find steady work, picking up minor roles here and there.
  • To make ends meet, Emily worked part-time jobs as a waitress and receptionist.
  • She credits this period with teaching her the value of perseverance and hard work.

In 2012, Emily got her big break when she was cast as a recurring character on a popular teen drama. Over the next few years, she steadily built up her resume with guest appearances and supporting roles.

  • Her charismatic on-screen presence and undeniable talent caught the attention of casting directors in Hollywood.
  • In 2015, Emily landed her breakthrough lead role playing high school student Amy Duncan in the hit sitcom “City High.”

Emily’s early days of small parts and odd jobs paved the way for her eventual stardom. Through dedication and perseverance, she achieved her dreams in Hollywood.


So there you have it, Emily’s journey from a shy kid to a YouTube sensation with millions of followers. Her story shows that with passion, hard work, and belief in yourself, you can achieve your dreams. Emily’s transparency about her struggles with anxiety and self-doubt makes her relatable and inspiring. We can all learn from her example of turning challenges into opportunities for growth. Emily’s future looks bright, and we can’t wait to see what she does next. Her message is clear – if you stay true to yourself, success will follow. Emily’s rise to fame demonstrates the power we all have within us to create the life we imagine.

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