Asahina-San No Bentou Tabetai Chapter 5: A Sweet Surprise


You’ve been waiting all week for the next installment of your favorite manga series. Asahina-san’s homemade bento lunches are works of art, and you can’t wait to see what culinary creation she’s packed for her crush today. In the last chapter, things were getting steamy in the school kitchen after hours. Will Asahina-san finally confess her feelings? Your curiosity is killing you.

You settle in with a snack of your own and start reading Chapter 5. At first, everything seems normal. Asahina-san wakes up late and rushes to make her bento, selecting ingredients and decorating with her usual care and precision. But when she opens her bento box at lunch, you gasp. Nestled among the rice, fish and pickled vegetables is a small heart-shaped chocolate. Asahina-san’s cheeks flush as red as the strawberries next to the chocolate heart. Her crush picks up the chocolate, his eyes widening in surprise. Your own heart beats faster. This sweet surprise looks like the start of something romantic. Sometimes love needs a little push, and it seems Asahina-san’s chocolate heart is giving love a nudge in the right direction. You smile, enchanted by this charming new chapter in Asahina-san’s story. Looks like her bento isn’t the only thing heating up!

Recap of Previous Chapters

In the previous chapters of “Asahina-San No Bentou Tabetai”, we followed Asahina-san’s journey of self-discovery through her passion for homemade bento. Chapter 1 introduced us to Asahina-san’s daily routine of preparing bento for her friends. Chapter 2 explored her quest to create the perfect tamagoyaki. Chapter 3 saw Asahina-san experimenting with new recipes to make colorful and nutritious bento. Chapter 4 centered around Asahina-san overcoming her fear of cooking fish to make anko fish bento for her friend Sora.

A Sweet Surprise

Chapter 5 provides a heartwarming twist that explores the blossoming relationship between Sora and Asahina-san. After tasting the anko fish bento, Sora realizes his feelings for Asahina-san run deeper than friendship. He buys ingredients to make chocolate on his own to surprise Asahina-san.

Sora’s chocolate making adventure does not go as planned. His first few attempts end in disaster, leaving him covered in chocolate and feeling dejected. With perseverance, Sora finally creates homemade chocolate that meets his standards. He invites Asahina-san over to share the chocolate together.

Asahina-san is overjoyed by Sora’s surprise. While enjoying the chocolate, Sora confesses his feelings to Asahina-san. To Sora’s delight, Asahina-san returns his affection, bonding over their shared interest in cooking and bento. The sweet ending of Chapter 5 leaves readers anticipating blossoming romance and new culinary adventures in the upcoming chapters.

Asahina Makes a Special Bento

Asahina has been working hard to improve her bento making skills, and this chapter she has a sweet surprise in store for you.

Asahina decides to make you a special bento filled with an array of delicious homemade treats. To start, she bakes light and fluffy strawberry cupcakes topped with buttercream frosting dyed a pretty pink to match. The sweet scent of the cupcakes fills the kitchen as they cool.

Next, Asahina crafts cute bento accessories to decorate your bento. She makes little cupcake liners out of colorful origami paper and tiny paper strawberries to place on top of the cupcakes. Her attention to detail shows how much she cares.

For a savory element, Asahina fries up crispy shrimp tempura and also prepares inarizushi, fried tofu pockets stuffed with sushi rice and vegetables. The mix of flavors and textures is sure to please.

As a final touch, Asahina writes you a heartfelt note to find tucked in with your treats. Her thoughtfulness and the care she puts into making you this special homemade bento is a sweet gesture that makes you feel grateful for her friendship. This bento is filled with all of Asahina’s warmth, kindness and affection. What a wonderful surprise and a perfect treat!

The Meaning Behind Asahina’s Bento

Asahina’s bento boxes are always a treat, but today’s surprise was extra sweet. When you opened your bento, you found a small wrapped gift along with your usual delicious meal.

A Thoughtful Treat

Upon unwrapping the little present, you discovered homemade chocolates in the shape of bunnies. Asahina must have made them herself. You felt touched by her thoughtfulness and the time she put into making you such a personal gift.

The chocolates were as adorable as they were delectable. As you enjoyed the handcrafted treats along with your bento, you reflected on your friendship with Asahina. She frequently shows you kindness in little ways like this. Her caring nature and gift for brightening your day are two of the many reasons you value her friendship so deeply.

Today’s surprise was a sweet reminder of the good company and simple pleasures in life. Asahina’s thoughtfulness lifted your spirits and brought you joy in the moment. Her homemade gift, however small, meant a lot and will be something you remember for a long time to come.

The time Asahina puts into making your bento and creating little surprises demonstrates how much she cherishes your friendship. Her kindhearted gestures inspire you to spread more kindness and positivity to others in your own life.

After finishing your bento, you made a point to thank Asahina sincerely for the chocolates and for always being such a wonderful friend. Letting her know you notice and appreciate her kind acts is important. Asahina’s friendship and the joy she brings to each day are gifts you never take for granted.

MC Savors Asahina’s Homemade Meal

Asahina’s homemade bento is always a treat, but today’s surprise ingredient makes it extra special. As you open the lid of the bento box, the sweet aroma of simmered fruit wafts up. Nestled among the usual rice, fish and pickled vegetables is a small mound of glistening red cherries. Your mouth waters at the sight of the plump, juicy fruit.

Asahina often uses seasonal ingredients in her cooking, so you’re delighted she found cherries at the market. Fruit can be expensive, especially out of season, but Asahina believes in using the freshest components to craft healthy, homemade meals. Her cooking is wholesome comfort food at its best.

You spear a cherry with your chopsticks and pop it into your mouth. The cherry bursts as you bite into it, the sweet and tangy juice flooding your senses. The flavor is far superior to the syrupy canned or pre-pitted cherries from stores. Asahina’s cherries are ripe, fresh-picked at the peak of perfection.

You savor each cherry, chewing slowly to appreciate their natural sweetness. The cherries pair beautifully with the savory side dishes in the bento. A few cherries remain, and you’re torn between quickly devouring them or saving them to enjoy a little longer. You decide to eat one more, tucking the last two cherries under the rice for a final treat.

Homemade food prepared with care and love is always better. Asahina’s surprise addition of cherries, a special seasonal delicacy, makes this simple bento a memorable meal. Her thoughtfulness in including your favorite ingredients and discovering new tasty treats to share highlights why her cooking is so cherished. Each homemade bento prepared by Asahina is a gift to be grateful for.

Looking Ahead to the Next Chapter

With the school festival coming up, it looks like there are more sweet surprises in store for Asahina-san and her friends. In the next chapter, we’ll likely see preparations for the culture festival ramp up as Asahina-san’s class starts getting ready for their maid cafe. There may even be some drama as they figure out who should play which role.

Asahina-san seems poised to take on a leadership position, possibly as the head maid or manager. Her kindhearted and thoughtful nature, not to mention her passion for cooking and baking, make her a natural for organizing the cafe. However, her shyness could hold her back from volunteering for such a role. Her friend Rika may have to encourage Asahina-san to step up and take charge.

The maid cafe theme also presents an opportunity for awkward or comedic encounters between Asahina-san and her crush, Yamato-kun. Perhaps Yamato-kun and his friends will stop by the cafe, with Yamato-kun getting flustered upon seeing Asahina-san in a maid outfit. There’s potential for other misunderstandings and mishaps as the maids practice serving customers.

Beyond the preparations for the culture festival, the next chapter may also show more of Asahina-san’s home life and her relationships with her family. We’ve already seen her parents are very supportive of their daughter’s baking endeavors, but her siblings remain mysterious so far. Getting to know Asahina-san’s whole family would provide more context about her character and background.

Overall, the next installment in the Asahina-san no Bentou Tabetai series looks set to be filled with humor, heart, and the warmth of friendship as Asahina-san and her peers work hard to make their maid cafe a sweet success. There are sure to be many delights and surprises in store for readers in Chapter 6!


So there you have it, a sweet and delicious surprise for Asahina-san.You know, it’s the little things in life that make it special, that give it meaning. A homemade bento from someone who cares about you can brighten even the dullest of days.Asahina-san’s surprise gift was more than just a bento, it was a reminder of the good in the world and the caring people around us. Though life moves fast, it’s important we take the time to appreciate small acts of kindness. You never know the impact a simple gesture can have. Here’s to more sweet surprises in life and enjoying each moment as it comes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bento of my own to make for someone special!

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